Who Is Playing What?

Tim Mottram/ October 23, 2011/ News, Who is Playing What?/ 6 comments

Hey folks.

Every Sunday we are now going to tell you what we will be playing in the up and coming week! We would also love for you to tell us what you are playing.

“Arkham City all the way baby, going to try get as close to 100% before returning it on Friday. Oh and I need to get more Dungeon Defenders on the go, I seem drawn to its amazing length and replay ability” – Tim

“Stronghold 3 releases tomorrow, will hopefully get a review out by the end of the week ;-)” – Jamie

“Now that I’ve finished Red Orchestra and Gears of War 3 I think I will be playing some Gotham City Imposters (the Beta version anyway). I’ll also probably be playing Dungeon Defenders with Tim and will try and get a shot at Arkham City… assuming I can pry it form Ali’s fingers” – Seb


  1. Just started playing Driver San Francisco whilst i wait for Battlefield 3 next week

    1. You getting past the horrible DRM for Driver?

  2. Was playing Arkham City, but this morning I aparently had some corrupt DLC so I thought to delete the installed game (Since i hadn’t redeemed my Catwoman DLC yet) and I’d just reinstall it. I ended up deleting everything Arkham City on my harddrive including my save. Soul destroying stuff. Unsure if i’ll be able to manage to get it complete by Friday, i don’t even know if ill pick it up again before it has to be returned for Battlefield!

    1. Did you rent it 7 days from Blockbuster? But that sucks man, really unlucky 🙁 How far in where you?

  3. Seems like waiting for Battlefield is theme of the day here! I wonder if anyone is waiting for Call of Duty instead?

    1. Nobody waits for Call of Duty since everyone now realizes it is an inferior franchise

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