Star Wars The Old Republic – See You There!

Seb May-Wilson/ November 17, 2011/ Competition, News/ 1 comments

Assuming you both like games and have at least a few brain cells then if you read our post about a give-away for 12,000 Beta Keys for Star Wars The Old Republic at Rock, Paper, Shotgun you will have entered and got yourself a free key!

Anyway, the key is only going to be active for ONE weekend so you should all make sure that you aren’t doing anything in between Saturday 25th of November and Monday the 28th! There are apparently a few keys left so I would recommend getting one post-haste!

Anyway, thanks to me now having a key that will be active for a weekend (a week on Saturday) you can expect me to give you my account of the Beta of Star Wars The Old Republic pretty damn soon. But really, why wait for that? Get yourself a damn key already!

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