Who is playing what? 27th – 4th Dec.

Tim Mottram/ November 27, 2011/ Who is Playing What?/ 4 comments

Another week has passed and its got to that time that we ask you, what have you been playing, and what will you be playing this up and coming week.


“Ach I really wish I had time to play but these impending exams give me sadface. I’ll most likely play some Skyrim and throw in some games of League of Legends though” –  Tim

“While Tim has to focus on his exams right now, I on the other hand can afford to be slightly more relaxed about it, as mine are further away and will be easier. This is fairly lucky as I have a backlog of stuff to get through right now. I have been playing a fair amount of Star Wars: The Old Republic over this weekend and will keep that up until the beta finishes Tuesday morning. In server downtime I have been playing AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for Awesome for which you can expect a review fairly soon. Along with that I’ve been playing a bit of Minecraft (time to get a review out methinks) and Arkham City AND I mean to play some Crusader Kings 2 if I can fit the bloody thing in… So yeah… Busy, busy…” – Seb


  1. Probably some League of Legends, Skyrim and NBA 2K11.
    On another note are people getting anything for Christmas they’re looking forward to?

    1. Should be getting NHL 12 soon, and considering investing in Madden 12 as it looks Boss!

  2. I’m gonna play a lot of PES 12. I’m having so much fun on my Become a Legend. But in answer to Jamesy i’m getting Assasins Creed Revelations which i’m majorly looking forward to.

    1. Jamie, it’s also my fondest hope to get Revelations for Christmas. I’ll see you online with any luck!

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