Gotham City Imposters Beta Key Give-Away

Seb May-Wilson/ December 13, 2011/ Competition, News, Random/ 0 comments

For those of you interested in the Team Fortress style game Gotham City Imposters, there is a closed Beta running in between the 15th and the 20th of this month!

And if you would like to try your hand and shooting up some bats and some jokers then you could try and snag one of the 30,000 keys being given away by Eurogamer!

Unfortunately I personally will have to sit this one out as that time period is right during when I will actually be sitting my exams. Bad times all round… However, I hope some of you see this post, get a key and manage to have some fun traversing Gotham and causing havoc. I’d be with you if I could.

Hang on? You think the game is too silly? It’s ridiculous and you don’t like the idea? Well I have only one thing to ask you…

Why so serious?

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