Star Wars: The Old Republic European Release

Seb May-Wilson/ December 22, 2011/ MMO, News/ 0 comments

Just to remind you that as of today Star Wars: The Old Republic is available for purchase in Europe! I wish it all the best and hope some of you take this opportunity to actually buy the game and give it a shot because it IS well worth it. I will announce now my seething envy of anyone who does actually get it and spends their time blasting around the stars and swinging a lightsaber…

Allow me also to use this opportunity to pass on some wisdom to all of you who have this game! The developers have recommended and actually encourage all players to choose servers with a low population. A great many of the “realms” are completely full to the seams and players can expect waits to log in even not during peak times. Worse, during peak times waits of up to TWO HOURS have been reported before a player could log in.

Obviously you may want to play on a realm with your friends but after having done quite well in sales and with so many people wanting to explore the Star Wars universe waiting will be necessary to get on the fuller “realms”. So either make the wise decision or have the patience to deal with loading times… Both are, of course, characteristics of a good Jedi…

May the force be with you all!

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