Dr. Who The Eternity Clock Monsters Trailer

Seb May-Wilson/ January 24, 2012/ News, Video/ 0 comments

Take it as a level of my commitment that when I found no really interesting news I decided to post something slightly less interesting and have posted the latest trailer for Dr. Who The Eternity Clock, a side-scrolling platformer due out on PC, Vitalite and PSN later this year.

Okay, I actually do my best to be professional and you know what? I love Dr. Who, I’m not going to lie. The trailer I’m about to show you actually looks like it might have some promise as well. I just tend to be sceptic about games based on books, films or (in this case) TV shows. So, by all means, open your mind and check out some wibbly-wobbley-timey-wimey stuff. But I’m going to take it with a big ol’ pinch of salt.

And some pepper, oooh and oregano! And some corriander as well! Mmmm…

What were we talking about again?

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