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Seb May-Wilson/ October 29, 2012/ FPS, Video Mondaily/ 1 comments

It’s been a fairly quiet week as far as videos are concerned, in fact it’s actually been a fairly quiet week as far as gaming is concerned (well, for me at least – you damn dirty coursework!). However, we do have a video that we can use for our Video Mondaily so fear not loyal viewers! This week’s video is the sixth episode in our Black Mesa series and follows up from Episode 5’s absolutely disastrous series of fails (definitely well worth the watch).

This episode is less of a gigantic fail than the previous one and sees me fighting my way through more Vortigaunts, Puzzles and Headcrabs. All in a days work of a theoretical physicist. There is not really much more to say about the video other than kick back and check after the jump!

Of course, I wasn’t being entirely honest folks… You see, while there is nothing else to say about the video (and you should still watch it) I do have a confession to make. It appears that I have somehow lost the recorded video of episodes 7, 8 and 9 which is why none of them have been uploaded to our Youtube channel. After some desperate searching I was forced to conclude that I must have accidentally deleted them. This means that the next episode of Black Mesa will in fact technically be Episode 10, and so unfortunately for you guys you will miss out on 3 episodes worth of shenanigans.

Nothing to be done unfortunately… Oh well… Time for a video!

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