Video Mondaily – Dance with your Dead

Seb May-Wilson/ February 4, 2013/ Gameplay, Shooter, Video Mondaily/ 0 comments

Hey folks! Remember us? Well we are not actually dead, despite our most recent post  being well over a week ago and having only posted three times across January. What can I say, we were all enjoying the festive spirit of Winter-een-Mas with much gaming and not so much of the writing about gaming…

Well, I will say that we are actually still very much alive and kicking and we will be kicking back into gear soon, this week hopefully!

We have a few reviews in the works to keep you occupied and this weekend will see the triumphant return of The News (albeit in a different form). We also have not produced any videos for a little while because we are currently working on out 200th video special (200 videos! Woo!). But anyway, for now as we haven’t got anything new to excite you, you can all enjoy a video from a few weeks ago of Hitman, killing and some awesome dance moves.

Let the wubwub begin!

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A sometime protege of Leeroy Jenkins. A lover of all things RPG. A geek and a sci-fi man. Nothing is true... Everything is permitted...

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