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Reviews on classic games that you may be able to pick up for a bargain!

Jade Empire Retrospectacle – MAI HONOURS!

It’s funny the things that the brain remembers given the correct prompting. Prior to my recent playthrough of the game I only remembered three things about Jade Empire, an RPG by Bioware released way back in 2005 (before Bioware was known for Bioware RPGs). I, even then, remembered hearing literally nothing about it prior to getting it as a present for something or other.  I also remember though how much I enjoyed the game, it’s colourful world, it’s characters and it’s choices. I also remember Sir Roderick Ponce Von Fontlebottom the Magnificent Bastard… Cause that guy was an absolute fucking hero… Even if he hadn’t been voiced by John Cleese!

Video Mondaily – Rise and shine MMGamers… Rise… And shine…

Because last week I uploaded the final episode of our Amnesia series I suddenly found myself at a loss of what to record next. I had initially been considering continuing my playthrough of indie horror Anna but if you have read the review you will know that I was less than impressed with the game and even after saying that I just wanted to finish the damn thing, I gave up because I simply did not want to play any more. So I am here to announce MMGaming’s current plans for videos in the next short while. We have got a few ideas for multiplayer videos including Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2 and a horror beta of Survivors. As well as this we might be seeing some more Call of Cthulhu and FTL from Tim. I also have a few plans including perhaps some Amnesia custom stories or other horror game mods. Todat however I wish to welcome you to the start of something completely different! Check it out after the jump!

Retrospectacles – A Little Look at Dune II

It’s a bit of an interesting week here at MMGaming as three of the four current writers just got Guild Wars 2 and we are all going to probably be sinking a fair amount of time into this over the next few days/weeks/months/forever. With that in mind we haven’t actually got an official review or anything for you today and so to make sure we do have a post up you can check out a video that Tim made a short while ago. In this particular short video Tim has a little look at Dune II a classic RTS from the developers Westwood Studios. The game is based on the famous movie Dune from David Lynch which in turn was based on a book of the same name written by Frank Herbert. That isn’t the only famous thing about the game that is famous though, in fact Dune II is often considered to be one of the first true RTSes. It created a formula from which pretty much all current strategy games have no deviated. More than that the developer went on to create other really massive RTS games like Command & Conquer Red Alert. While the game itself might be old and shows it’s age when Tim plays it, it’s definitely worth checking out the video because here we have real video gaming history in what was the game that started the long line of RTSes we have today. You should check it out after the jump!

Video Mondaily – A Double Dose of Fear… And Some RTS!

Technically two of today’s videos are actually of horror games and so the whole “Double Dose of Fear” title does make perfect sense. Of course, it could be a little misleading in that neither of the games we were playing was actually FEAR and actually in the game Tim was playing he doesn’t really get scared… Much… Anyway! As we’ve had a sudden outpouring of videos in the last week you can enjoy three new MMGaming videos today! First up we’ve got my second attempt at playing the indie horror game Slender from Parsec Productions. Due to the absolute failure of my first try I decided to give the game another bash. What happened though you will only discover after the jump!


Hey folks! You may be wondering why things have been slowing down of late in regards to reviews/news and other shenanigans and I just want to inform ya’ll to our plans. While we have been receiving steady viewership (thanks guys!) we are looking to overhaul the site into something more consistent and high quality. With that in mind there is going to be a lot of changes coming in over the next couple of weeks and as a result posts will be sparse. Yet have no fear! Things are on the up and we hope it will stay that way. Keep an eye on us and you won’t be disappointed! Regards, The MMGaming Team   EDIT: We are also considering changing to a Joomla layout (from the current WordPress layout) which might result in some downtime while we mess around to get it working. If the site isn’t up for any reason just assume that we are working on it and come back in a couple of hours!

What Do You Want From MMGaming?

     Hey readers, we love writing for you – its true. But we want to know what you’d like to see on the site! Yes we can see what people look at using the stats wordpress provides but it isn’t as effective as asking you directly. So please, if you could find the time to comment and say what you would like to see from us it would be great. Polls? More reviews? More diaries? Video reviews? More youtube stuff? Guides? Let us know! If you have more private or detailed things you would like us to take a look at please email myself at or our contact email

Prelude of the Chambered

Ludum Dare: A competition that sees hundreds of game enthusiasts, from hobbyists to professional game developers and everywhere inbetween, get together for a weekend to create…you guessed it… games. This year the theme was ‘escape’, so the 48 hours between the 19th and the 22nd of August saw hundreds of game makers metaphorically battle it out as they – perked up on energy drinks and coffee – went about creating their games from scratch. This competition (Ludum Dare 21) saw 599 entries in total, meaning a further 20 days, 12 hours, 47 minutes and 30 seconds from now are needed to judge the massive number of entries and decided a winner. Markus Persson better known as “Notch” – the high and mighty creator of ‘Minecraft’, took a few days off from developing the blocky sandbox game that is worldwide sensation Minecraft, to a create…. well the blocky dungeon escape game that is ‘Prelude of the Chambered’.

Medieval 2: Knights of the Old World

The man is a Captain of the Geonese army and the year is 1242AD. He recently received orders to assemble a large host of men and march on the English held city of Angers. The man’s king recently allied himself with what remained of the French resistance. Together they believe they can hold back the armies of England which have taken so many of the French cities that France really doesn’t exist any more, especially as the English have recently been putting most of the money it owns into expensive Crusades to the Holy Land.

Classic : Majesty

“Your Majesty! Your marketplace now serves you better!”                       Majesty: A Fantasy Kingdom Sim Majesty is a real time strategy game developed by Cyberlore Studios. Don’t let the release date of being in the mighty year 2000 put you off. This game is a classic. Why? Well because you can’t control your units.