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Diablo III – First Impressions

  With the open beta now finished the release date could not come sooner. For those of you that managed to get a taste of the beta you probably feel the same way, but for those that didn’t get around to playing it I’m here to help. My opinion should be taken with a pinch of salt as I haven’t actually played either of the previous games. With this is mind I won’t be able to make any comparisons to the previous games. Without further delay I bring to you my impressions of Diablo III.


Hey folks! You may be wondering why things have been slowing down of late in regards to reviews/news and other shenanigans and I just want to inform ya’ll to our plans. While we have been receiving steady viewership (thanks guys!) we are looking to overhaul the site into something more consistent and high quality. With that in mind there is going to be a lot of changes coming in over the next couple of weeks and as a result posts will be sparse. Yet have no fear! Things are on the up and we hope it will stay that way. Keep an eye on us and you won’t be disappointed! Regards, The MMGaming Team   EDIT: We are also considering changing to a Joomla layout (from the current WordPress layout) which might result in some downtime while we mess around to get it working. If the site isn’t up for any reason just assume that we are working on it and come back in a couple of hours!

AirBuccaneers HD Fan Vs Devs

  So today was the scheduled fan vs developers match on the alpha of their game AirBuccaneers HD. I decided that I should be representing some fans here and so logged in to see whats what. I joined for a total of 3 games, one was an mountainous grass land level, one a swamp and the other a tundra. Surprisingly, the fans won them all. Now I’d been on the AirBuccaneers HD website before for a browse but never had the urge to actually try out the free alpha build. Is it any good?

Hard Reset Extended Edition

A retail exclusive edition of Hard Reset, the downloadable first person shooter from Flying Wild Hog is planned for release soon. It adds five new levels to the single player campaign and and two to the survival mode, plus a new backstory. A few screenshots have been provided of the Cyberpunk world’s new environments and boy do they look pretty!

What Do You Want From MMGaming?

     Hey readers, we love writing for you – its true. But we want to know what you’d like to see on the site! Yes we can see what people look at using the stats wordpress provides but it isn’t as effective as asking you directly. So please, if you could find the time to comment and say what you would like to see from us it would be great. Polls? More reviews? More diaries? Video reviews? More youtube stuff? Guides? Let us know! If you have more private or detailed things you would like us to take a look at please email myself at or our contact email

Warlock: Master of the Arcane Preview

Paradox Interactive (God bless them) have sent us a preview code for Warlock: Master of the Arcane, a turn-based fantasy game set in the Majesty universe. That is a beautiful combination if I ever saw one. So! I delved in to bring you some news on how the game is progressing and I can tell you I am pleased.

Seb’s Skyrim Journal, Part 2 – An Unexpected Development

There’s been a development my friends and I want you all to bear with me a moment while I explain. You see I think this is going to change the way a lot of things go down here at MMGaming. I want to you ALL to know that no matter what happens I AM going to try and keep posting… Unfortunately I now have some new responsibilities that can’t be ignored and it will probably change me as a person…

Seb’s Skyrim Journal, Part 1 – The time of the Orc has come

FINALLY played Skyrim yesterday evening (after the “necessary” family time). And boy oh boy has it gotten off to a good start! Anyway, we ARE going to get a review up for Skyrim at some point but I have decided that I am going to regale you with some of the more interesting stories of my adventures through the wonderful world of Skyrim! And this is the first part of my story…

The Hobbit Movie Trailer

I had to post this. I’m sorry it’s not related to games. But it is simply necessary. No, more than that… It is absolutely VITAL I make a little post here to tell you that The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is finally nearing completion! An announcement trailer was released on the 19th by Warner Brothers Entertainment and I have genuinely not been this excited about a film in a very long time. This for me is the Skyrim of films and you can check the trailer after the jump.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Impressions

Brace yourselves… this is a long one! A few things first about this before you start reading this Impressions. Over the weekend beta I managed to clock maybe 5 or so hours of play time, I got to level 10, got a companion, a lightsaber and left the starting area. But in a game of the size and scale of The Old Republic this is barely scratching the surface of the content in the game. I mean, add in all the other classes, all the other worlds, the rest of the story and levels, I didn’t even spend more than 5 minutes on the Dark Side so all my experiences comes from the Light Side… Basically this means I only saw a fraction of what the game holds and Tim saw even less. Plus what I did see WAS still in beta so it was buggy and glitchy and not completely finished. As such this will not be a full review and only my impressions formed over my play time.