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Air Buccaneers – Alpha gameplay trailer

If you’ve been needing any encouragement to try out the rather wonderful team-based mutliplayer Air Buccaneers then you should definitely check the trailer after the jump, which shows you some of the gameplay and what the game looks like. Overall it does look really rather excellent and, as Tim found out during one of the Fans vs Devs battles that Ludocraft have hosted, the game is really good fun. It is a team game of course and requires working together, which will always be a problem with people from the internet, but I think this game is a real winner and you should definitely have a think about giving it a try!

Play Avec MMGaming’s Tim

      Hello readers! Just a quick heads up to let you know that the Blacklight Retribution beta is now open for all and for that reason I will be playing tonight at 9pm GMT if anyone wishes to join me (message me in game I’m MMGamingTim on Europe1) . You can download the beta here and from what I’ve played so far it really is worth a shot. See you on the battlefield.

Preview Review! Mass Effect 3 Demo Impressions

This one’s not as timely as it could be.  Surely you’ve made your own decisions about Mass Effect 3’s demo by now.  Well, unless your opinions match mine exactly, then I’m pretty sure you’ve made some terrible choices with your life.  Like being nice to someone I don’t like or having original thoughts or the like.  In order to help make the world a better place, I humbly submit the EXACT THOUGHTS you should have about this sneak peak.

Cell Emergence HD review

Infection, as we all know, is usually most easily handled by a med-kit or a health potion… maybe a healing spell or two. But never before have we seen what magic the various healing items are actually doing inside our various avatars and characters. Cell Emergence by New Life Interactive LLC. is a game in which you take on the role of a nanite inside the body of a child fighting some massive viral infection. Of course, it’s also once hundred percent medically accurate!

Binary Domain – Two trailers for the price of one

Here are a couple of trailers for Sega’s upcoming game Binary Domain. With a release date of the 28th of February this year it’s a third person, squad based shooter where you will be up against robots that are indistinguishable from humans. For some information about the game and some awesome trailer’s you should jump into the article here!

Mass Effect 3 will be easier on new players

According to Nick Clifford, who’s in Product Marketing at Bioware: Bioware didn’t do a good job with making it easy for a new player of Mass Effect 2 to understand what was going on. For the most part really the game assumed that you had played the original and so if you started up straight into Mass Effect 2 then you would be in  for a bit of a confusing time at first.

What Do You Want From MMGaming?

     Hey readers, we love writing for you – its true. But we want to know what you’d like to see on the site! Yes we can see what people look at using the stats wordpress provides but it isn’t as effective as asking you directly. So please, if you could find the time to comment and say what you would like to see from us it would be great. Polls? More reviews? More diaries? Video reviews? More youtube stuff? Guides? Let us know! If you have more private or detailed things you would like us to take a look at please email myself at or our contact email

Rainbow 6 Patriots Trailer: Because they weren’t bad-ass enough yet…

Do you remember the last “trailer” for Rainbow 6 Patriots? It showed Ubisoft’s target gameplay footage for the next Rainbow 6 (I.e. what they want the game to look like!). Not only did it look absolutely awesome but it was pretty brutal as well. It was fairly controversial in it’s displays of terrorism, counter-terrorism and the death of innocents. This next trailer, while I think it is a little less harsh, is only slightly better… Regardless of brutality and controversy the new trailer is absolutely amazing! In fact these days, trailers have just reached a standard that never ceases to stun me with the scale and depth of graphics that can be achieved. I only hope the game actually looks as good as the target gameplay footage. Check it out after the jump!

James Bond: Golden Eye Reloaded

Did anybody know about this!?! Have I not been doing my job properly or what the hell happened here?!? I mean, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time pining after Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and I didn’t know that James Bond: Goldeneye had been re-done AS WELL!?!