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Video Mondaily – Hawken First Impressions

Hey, it’s been a while since we did one of these! Don’t worry! We’re still  not ACTUALLY dead. We’re just in the middle of The End Times (capitalization intended and necessary). Winter is Coming, and all that jazz. BUT we’re still playing vidya, just not perhaps with the same frequency as we would at any other time. And, let’s be fair, our posting rate has been utterly abysmal lately. Anyway! Tim recently jumped into the free-to-play Hawken beta by Adhesive Games (which is currently on Steam) against some AI to give a brief first-impressions of a very cool and very polished looking FPS. Check it after the jump!

SOL: Exodus Review

Who else used to sit around playing X-Wing when they were younger? Perhaps you also might be acquainted with Jedi Starfighter or Star Wars: Battlefront? Flying your one-man fighter through a massive space battle-field taking out enemy fighters and turrets. Missiles flying, heroic deeds being done. The comms ringing in your ears with your team-mates saying “You can be my wingman any time!” Actually that last one never really happened as I always ignored my ally fighters for all the useless trash they were… The point is I love Star Wars…

The Last of US Sceenshot

Game Informer has released a trio of screenshots from Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival shooter. The screenshots haven’t revealed very much other than the game is very pretty and that it will, at least partly, be set in Pittsburgh in the US. You can see the other two, as well as a little more, new, information about the game after the jump.

Minecraft – Now for crazy cat ladies

A new update for Minecraft is coming soon (well, in fairness there is ALWAYS a new update for Minecraft coming soon). This one will introduce a couple of new items including EXP potions, a new AI for the Skeletons, some new looks for some blocks and Ocelots. So now those of us who want to get a cat rather than a wolf can do so by taming a wild Ocelot with raw fish! And then if you have two… You can breed them with raw fish! And then you get a kitten, which is absolutely ADORABLE!! They also come in three different colours! I didn’t know my cute reflex could be combined with my Minecraft reflex… Anyway, you can check them out in the video after the jump!

Binary Domain – Two trailers for the price of one

Here are a couple of trailers for Sega’s upcoming game Binary Domain. With a release date of the 28th of February this year it’s a third person, squad based shooter where you will be up against robots that are indistinguishable from humans. For some information about the game and some awesome trailer’s you should jump into the article here!