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Star Wars Battlefront Beta impressions- Unimpressive. Most unimpressive.

Over the past few days I spent a little while playing the Beta for the brand new Star Wars Battlefront (on the PS4), a reboot of an older and much-beloved series of games. Battlefront 2 was actually a game I, along with many others, enjoyed immensely and so naturally everyone was very disappointed that LucasArts never really seemed to want to develop another one. Sure every couple of years there would be rumours of another Battlefront in the works, but nothing ever really came to light until Disney bought the rights to Star Wars a couple of years back and instantly EA announced that they would be using one of their many minions (in this case DICE, of Battlefield fame) to make a new Battlefront. Naturally everyone immediately creamed their pants before remembering EA’s track record with things like this but we could only sit patiently and hope for the best.

Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer

Yeah it’s all in the title of this news post. You can check the trailer after the jump. Is it awesome? Yes it is? Will it be better than CoD, a question I assume every gaming forum in the world right now is beating itself to death with? Who knows. All I know is that I stumbled across the launch trailer for Battlefield first, so that’s what I’ll post. And, just maybe, I am inclined to think Battlefield might well be better. Please don’t get all fanboyish… I’m not saying it will be… I’m only saying… It has jet planes… WHICH IS AWESOME!!