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Telltale’s Batman review – I’m the gosh-darned Batman!

As always, I waited until the final episode of Telltale’s Batman was released before playing the series (more-or-less) straight through. It used to be the case that my intro when writing about a Telltale game would be a fairly boring affair (and indeed much of the review would be as well) as my praise for the game they produced tended to almost be as formulaic as the games themselves. Lately though, Telltale has been fairly prolific, with essentially two major series released every year for at least the last three years in a row. However, perhaps as a by-product of this increased output, there has been a rather significant drop in the quality of the games produced over that time. Other than their flagship Walking Dead series I have had mixed feelings towards their different titles, from definite enjoyment of the Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands to outright loathing of Minecraft: Story Mode.

Batman: Arkham City Review (at last)

Well I’ve decided that it’s time that we finally get an actual review of Batman: Arkham City out there. Now if you have read our Discussion on the game then I just want to warn you that I might well be repeating some of the points me and the guys made. If you haven’t then I recommend you read both ANYWAY! The sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City (by Rocksteady) is a third-person, over-the-shoulder game where you play as the Batman. Set in a whole section of Gotham City that has been turned into a massive prison by one Hugo Strange, Batman gets sucked into this prison city and finds it full of plotting and intrigue that he has to solve.

MMGaming Discusses: Batman Arkham City

Hello everyone and welcome to our second MMGaming discussion of a game. This time the featured game is Batman: Arkham City (at last) and the MMGamers who will be talking about it are: Tim, Ali and Me! Just as a note before it begins, this is an article that will be posted AS WELL AS an actual review (coming soon to a browser near you). For the official MMGaming rating you will have to wait for the review, but the discussion does cover most of what we want to say about it. Enjoy!

Why you money grabbing…

Now we all know that video games make a lot of money these days. And while I’d rather not admit it, most of the big companies will probably only focus on the money aspect of video games, rather than make video games because they love doing it and love their products, and so are probably slightly evil. However, I can usually pretend it’s not true because I’ve never really seen any of the big companies (at least the ones I am in love with: Bethesda, Bioware etc) do anything particularly bad.