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The Wolf Among Us review – I’ll huff and I’ll puff

When it comes to writing reviews for an episodic game I learned my lesson from my attempt to review each individual episode of The Raven, despite differences in each episode, at the end of the day you do just end up saying the same thing about each episode. It made my vocabulary feel a lot more limited than it already is. That’s why after writing my first impressions, way back when the first episode was released, I have gone completely silent on my progress of The Wolf Among Us by Telltale Games. However, my lack of reporting on my progress should not be mistaken for a lack of progress, for I have indeed recently finished the game’s final episode and am now finally ready to provide my thoughts on the game as a whole.

Hitman Absolution review – If you were a real Assassin you’d SUCK!

Hitman is a game with what I believe is a great pedigree.  The most recent game before Absolution, Blood Money, was praised and lauded by just about everyone so with that sort of background Absolution has both a lot to live up to and a lot of fans to please. Made by IO Interactive you play as the bald but awesome assassin Agent 47 (awesome because he is always SUITED UP!). The game plays out as a 3rd person shooter with a heavy focus on stealth, but it still manages to remain an intense and convincing shooter. In this game Agent 47 at the start is sent after his own handler who has, I understand in the previous game, betrayed the agency that 47 works for and so 47 is sent to kill her. After the intro mission in which you do indeed kill Diana the game follows Agent 47 as he tries to protect a young girl who, for some reason explained later in the game, everyone wants their hands on. As the primary people who want Victoria are the very same agency 47 works for he has to go against his boss and his own company and goes rogue to protect the girl.

Seb’s Skyrim Journal Part 8 – Nothing I can do?

Welcome back to Seb’s Journal of his adventures in Skyrim where I have the intention of doing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that the game has to offer. These articles will be of some of the best or most amusing experiences I have in the game and I will hopefully be coming out with them fairly regularly. If you are interested you can see where I left off last time here. Tolfdir has managed to bring the giant glowing orb from Saarthal back to the College and it is sitting right in the centre of Hall of Elements. I don’t fully understand how they managed to get the thing, considering that it is bloody huge, all the way from there to here without even a giant orb shaped hole where the door used to be but I decided not to dwell on it. Tolfdir informs me that this some have started calling this thing the “Eye of Magnus” which means nothing to me but seems to hold some significance to him. I inform him that I succeeded in retrieving the books for the Library and that one of them seems to hold some relevance to the orb. Honestly that involved too much reading for me so I just lied and told him I had read it and let him tall me what the Eye was all about.

Mass Effect 3 – Just Cause

With the release date for Mass Effect 3 fast approaching there isn’t really much more to be said about the game other than “Oh-em-fucking-gee! I cannot wait!” That said, there has been a little bit of an announcement from Bioware regarding the morality system for ME3. This prompted the rather clever title up at the top there. Because, if you are a Paragon Shepard you are following a “Just Cause” and if you are a Renegade Shepard then you do evil shit “just ’cause”.