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Endweek News – Seb’s Top Five

Welcome folks, welcome to the Endweek News! This is your weekly segment of SOME things gaming. I say “some” things because, frankly, I have neither the time nor the botheredness to actually post everything of gaming related interest every week and so I will be trimming off the fat and the sliiiightly less interesting stories in favour of the Top Five stories of the week! Welcome to the Endweek News – Seb’s Top Five! So I was ill over the weekend and am only just now putting the finishing touches on this and posting it… Trust me when I say other than a few little things this was ready to be posted on Sunday. Apologies for the poor start.

Happy Birthday XBox

Today Microsoft celebrate the 10th birthday of the release of the XBox in Europe. As I understand the American birthday was sometime last November. This celebrates the launch of the original big black XBox on the 15th of November in North America and the 14th of March in Europe. If you head on over to the official Microsoft XBox website, Microsoft have constructed a timeline from all the way back in the year 2000 when the XBox was officially announced.

People Of The Internet – What you playin’?

      You may remember we used to run a weekly post on what us MMGaming writers were playing, and we asked you what you were playing. Well it’s back and reformed! We new use the website Backloggery to keep up to date on our games that we are playing at the moment and ones that we still have to complete. I personally use it in an attempt to log every game I’v ever played, whereas Nick uses it to keep more informed on his day-to-day gaming habits. Anyway, I encourage you all to check out our individual links down below and to still comment on what you are playing/will be playing this coming week. It interests us!

Minecraft: Day One

In order to make up for my radio silence with the news for the better part of this week I’ve decided to post even more awesome for you guys to enjoy! It combines two of my favourite things! Live action fan movies and Minecraft! Boom!

Skyrim Creation Kit, Space Cores and Awesome Creations

So, the free Creation Kit for Skyrim came out on Tuesday and the rumours proved true about the “big surprise”. Along with the creation kit you get access to a High Resolution texture pack for Skyrim. Now I’m not going to lie I’ve looked through a few videos to try and find one that emphasises the difference, but really I haven’t seen anything that stands out in particular. I bet it does look better and if you played with it and then switched back to the normal texture pack you’d notice the difference, but just looking at videos on Youtube I can’t see anything different.