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Video Mondaily – Hawken First Impressions

Hey, it’s been a while since we did one of these! Don’t worry! We’re still  not ACTUALLY dead. We’re just in the middle of The End Times (capitalization intended and necessary). Winter is Coming, and all that jazz. BUT we’re still playing vidya, just not perhaps with the same frequency as we would at any other time. And, let’s be fair, our posting rate has been utterly abysmal lately. Anyway! Tim recently jumped into the free-to-play Hawken beta by Adhesive Games (which is currently on Steam) against some AI to give a brief first-impressions of a very cool and very polished looking FPS. Check it after the jump!

Mass Effect 3 System Requirements

Bioware have announced the system requirements for the Mass Effect 3 demo which will be inspiring our hearts and minds on February the 14th. You can check them out here after the jump, they might not be the full system requirements for the whole game though (just to warn you), the backing storage required, for example, is only 2.5 Gb and that’s a really small amount. Anyway it doesn’t actually look too bad at the moment so maybe you won’t need to inject steroids into your graphics card this time. I know I won’t… I’m getting it on X-Box…