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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC review – Constants and variables

The following article contains some spoilers for the end of Bioshock Infinite. Bioshock Infinite was unquestionably one of my favourite games of 2013 and remains every bit as excellent. It ought to be a mark of its excellence that I actually played the game through twice despite its linear path and story, simply because I enjoyed playing it so much. Indeed it was only in the past few weeks that I completed my second playthrough on 1999 mode (and got all those collectible achievements along the way, I might add) and decided that I just had not yet had quite my fill of Bioshock. This prompted me to buy the season pass for the game and work through the various DLCs on offer.

The MMGaming Awards – 2013

This is a post which usually comes around the first week of January, however I personally decided to postpone it for a little longer because there was one game which I had yet to play but knew I would be playing relatively soon. It took a bit longer than expected to finally get around to playing said game, but it was worth it because it does factor rather massively into the running of this year’s MMGaming Game Awards. As always, people are now raising eyes and faces to the sky, hearts in mouths and stomachs where the heart used to be, ready to hear what are surely the most prestigious and most awaited awards every year. Despite the late arrival of the MMGaming Game Awards, everyone from the smallest to the biggest of devs knows that it is big and important and they were all willing to wait as long as necessary with the hopes of winning one of the awards. Anyway, it is now time to get down to business and (defeat the hun) give our opinions on some of the best and brightest of the good year 2013. Let’s get to it!

Bioshock Infinite – Life amongst the clouds is troublesome

2K Games and Infinity Ward have spent the last month or so slowly revealing some of the tougher fights you can expect in Bioshock Infinite. Whilst admiring the view and killing the ordinary splicers (are they still splicers?) you will occasionally come across some people that will just put a crimp in your day. You know the sort, folk who just can’t mind their own damn business while you try to save the world. The sort of grumpy bastards that clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed and then proceeded to fall into a massive pile of armour and massive weapons… And magic… Let’s not forget the magic…

Bioshock Infinite – floating into view

Irrational Games have finally announced the release date for Bioshock Infinite. We can all expect to be blown away by scenery, gunfire and buxom sorceresses on the 19th here in Europe (on PC, XBox and PS3) and a few days earlier on the 16th in North America. Exciting stuff! I think I might post the gameplay trailer again, just to help get the excitement train rolling! ALL ABOARD! CHOOCHOO!!

Bioshock Infinite goes Hardcore

Bioshock Infinite by Irrational Games will have more than just the standard easy, medium and hard modes of previous Bioshock games. Ken Levine, the co-founder and creative director of Irrational Games explains that he is an old-school gamer and as such wanted to include a “1999 Mode” into the game. Because everyone knows that back then games were harder and for REAL gamers. Not the pansy ass gamers of today who expect everything to be done for them…