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Vermintide review – Ahm not a raaaaat!

Have you and your friends ever done that thing? Y’know, it’s later in the evening when someone says “man I kind of want to play some co-op games!” Then there’s the inevitable struggle to find something everybody enjoys and, more importantly, owns. Invariably, in these situations one ends up browsing Steam and the web for lists of the “best multiplayer games” so that you can avoid playing hours of Garry’s Mod (which, let’s be fair, tends to only be amusing in short stints). Every single one of these lists almost always makes some mention of Left 4 Dead and how it is a quintessential multiplayer and co-op experience (both local and remote). So it has always confused me how it seems nobody has really quite captured the same feeling of the games. Well, look no further friends, because Warhammer *hurrrk* The End Times *hurrrk* Vermintide does actually more than just come close. Aside from the silliness of having two subtitles (when really just “Vermintide” suffices) the game does so much right that I feel the need to say that it is definitely more than just a carbon copy of L4D.

Left 4 Dead Fan Film smacks us right in the Awesome

The film I mentioned a couple of weeks back came out a few days ago (it was posted on Youtube on the 16th of this month). And like a great many fan films these days it is absolutely awesome. I always think that live-action videos for games and fan stuff can sometimes just be so damn good and this video is no exception to either of those rules. Created by Airsoft GI and Northern Five Entertainment, it’s a genuinely awesome and cool video and I suggest you check it out after the jump! A word of warning, after I post the video I am actually going to give some thoughts on it… So you should be sure to watch the video before scrolling too far down to avoid any spoilers…

Left 4 Dead Fan Film in the works

If you are after your daily dose of awesome then look no further! For I have here a teaser trailer for an upcoming fan-film of Left 4 Dead! Directed by a bloke called Adrian Picardi, along with a group called Airsoft GI, the film is apparently coming “soon”. The teaser trailer I have for you after the jump admittedly doesn’t show all that much, but it does hint at what could well be a pretty awesome fan-film.