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Fallout 4 review – I totally want to set the world on fire

Fallout 4 was my runner-up Game of the Year for 2015, and I want you to keep that fact in mind for the duration of this review. I enjoyed it a lot more than I think did a large amount of the gaming community, because despite a hugely successful launch I do continuously hear small niggling complaints about it. After all, as this is a Bethesda open-world RPG and so one expects to hear only praise and memes about it for the next 5 years, but one cannot help but notice that on places like Steam and Metacritic the average score is rather lower than one might expect. Unfortunately as well, is that these complaints were often about things that I too picked up on. So allow me to preface that despite the fact that this review might well sound rather negative, I did most definitely absolutely enjoy the game.

Lone Survivor review – In a post apocalyptic world, only you can be confusing

As I said in this weeks Video Mondaily, today’s review is on Jasper Byrne’s indie survival horror: Lone Survivor. Now it’s worth mentioning from the word go that this was indeed a solo project from one single man, so that ought to be taken into consideration when you have a look at the video from Monday and any other bits and pieces of information that you pick up about the game. I say this but honestly, I don’t need to make any excuses for Lone Survivor because it is actually absolutely fantastic! The game focuses on your character, an unnamed and unknown survivor of some apocalyptic disaster which has turned most of the population into weird shambling horrors. One hesitates to call them zombies because it’s never mentioned that they are dead, rather the creatures are the victims of some virus which ravaged the population of the world/city/apartment complex. Generally I thought of the creatures as “mutants” so that’s what I will call them for the duration of this review (this name was helped along by the appearance of some other unusual enemies, but I digress). The game’s premise is rather simple your character (“you”?) have been holed up in your flat for weeks now and have decided that it is time to escape your apartment complex and escape the city itself – perhaps the idea is to search for survivors or to head to Pacific Playland (WOO! TWINKIES!), whatever survivors do.

Video Mondaily – Lonely Seb takes on Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor

Ladies and Gentlemen, lend me your ears! And I would appreciate it if those of you whose ears have already been lent would also lend me your eyes because in my experience it’s rather difficult to read something by listening to it. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have tried to press my ear to my laptop before in order to listen to whatever article I was trying to read but that only works once in every ten times, and even then I don’t hear everything. It is that time of the week where we once again delve into the world of games with an awesome video in which we show off both our own awesome and the awesome of someone’s game. The game in question this week is Lone Survivor, a recent Indie Survival Horror game, by Jasper Byrne. I personally delve into great depth and detail in the game to show it off to it’s fullest extent (pfffffft)!