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Sabor117’s Mass Effect 3

  I think it’s reasonably safe to say that of the MMGamers, I am the one most looking forward to Mass Effect 3. Tim will most likely play it through at some point as may Nick. Josh seems fairly keen on it. But honestly since I played Mass Effect about two years ago followed swiftly by Mass Effect 2 (I borrowed the first one so I could play it before I played the second) I have quickly decided that the games are amongst my favourite of all time. Therefore in honour of the fast approaching release date of Mass Effect 3 (next Friday here in Europe) I have decided that I will share with you my Shepard and all the major decisions I’ve made. Because as we know, decisions from previous games carry on into the next ones and Mass Effect 3 will apparently take over 1000 past decisions into account… This is gonna be awesome! (WARNING: This article contains a large number of spoilers for both games!)

Oodles of Mass Effect 3 News

I have a variety of different bits and pieces of news to give you regarding Mass Effect 3! As I’ve been a little off the ball posting since Saturday and I’m actually fairly busy today I once again will have to compress all interesting bits of news into one news post! Because business should be no bar to the awesome that is Mass Effect. The news in questions today is as follows: Information about the “From Ashes” DLC. Information about the Normandy model going to space (and the chance to win a bunch of Mass Effect goodies). And to finish off today’s offering I will present to you the new Mass Effect 3 Live Action trailer.

Mass Effect 3 save files – Keep them too!

Associate producer for Mass Effect 3, Mike Gamble, said in a recent interview with Gamerzines that it “might not be a bad idea” to hang on to your saved games for Mass Effect 3 after completing it. Naturally this has fired up the rumour mill into a frenzy, especially as he didn’t really go into specifics. It could just be so you could play some planned DLC for the game but, what if there are more Mass Effect games planned. Maybe games that won’t have Shepard as the protagonist but the decisions you make as Shepard will continue to define and change the galaxy beyond even his games (as would make sense).