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Endweek News – Awesome Gameplay of Dishonored, Concept Art of Episode 3, some Halo 4 stuff, Meeting the Pyro and the release date of Guild Wars 2

Another week has passed, I hope that for you it was more productive than mine was. The biggest news that you can expect from me this week is that I completed Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Xbox and despite constantly saving and being more careful than a very careful thing I managed to set off a bloody alarm at SOME point during the game without noticing and thus missed out on an extra 100 achievement points for my gamer-score. Honestly, I think that has thrown me into a bad mood and I… Oh you’re here for some REAL news? I forgot that this Deus Ex stuff wasn’t important… So what is important eh? What important shiz has been happiziling?

Bioshock Movie – On Hold Again

Bugger… Another hold up… Since it’s announcement in 2008 the film version of 2K Game’s Bioshock has been slowly dragging it’s way forward. It seems that every time an advance is made in the project it, just as quickly, reverts back into it’s state of non-existence.

Assassin’s Creed Movie

Assassin’s Creed Movie

Well as per usual it has been a slow weekend for news. And by that I mean… it’s the weekend and therefore… there is NO news. Even this news post is actually a few days old, in a way. You see the fact that Ubisoft is teaming up with Sony to make an Assassin’s Creed Movie is actually not all that new. In fact it’s been circulating the blogosphere for the past week and bit. I haven’t mentioned it yet largely due to my laziness and the fact that development of the film hasn’t even started yet. So while I eagerly await yet ANOTHER Assassin’s Creed related dose of awesome, this one will be a while off.

Oi! You! Stop that! Right now!

Surely you’re not serious… You must be joking… You HAVE to be! Well, it would appear that the writers behind Toy Story,Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen, are having “conversations” with gaming company Zynga. The same gaming company who created Farmville. And these “conversations” apparently revolve around the writers being hired to write the plot for a new film based on one of Zynga’s games… Yes ladies and gentlemen. It would appear the world might well soon see a film based… on Farmville…