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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice review – You must be mad!

You know what really bothers me about Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice? Something which made me feel really extremely silly and therefore irritated with developers Ninja Theory for making me look and feel silly. Have you heard about the whole controversy that surrounded the game’s save files? The game itself even outright tells you that if you die too often that it would delete your save in a manner of permadeath? I had a big long discussion about this and whether or not I thought it was good game design, whether it was a gimmick or actually could even be construed as a legitimate mechanic. Well it turns out that actually it’s simply not true and doesn’t happen. Yeah, mind blown. Apparently there is no permadeath mechanic. The game doesn’t delete your save file. The rot which creeps up the protagonist’s body to show how often you’ve died actually just always stops at a certain level and never progresses higher. It was all a swindle, a sham, a bald-faced lie.

Antichamber review – Antibrainer!

Antichamber is something I only recently caught wind of, which is pretty damn surprising consider the amount of awards it has been nominated for and even won. Seriously, head over to the official website and check out the awards listed at the top it’s absolutely insane and has won awards as far back as 2009. Well it was recently released on Steam and we were lucky enough to get a copy from creator Alexander Bruce. The game is an experimental and “psychological” first-person puzzle game in which you, the silent and unknown protagonist must traverse a series of increasingly complex and mind bending puzzles to finish the game. The game itself doesn’t really give much more away than that and indeed there is absolutely no story (or at least, not one I picked up on) and so essentially it leaves you in a large, completely seamless map with a mind-boggling array of puzzles and says “well, there you go. Have at it!”

Lone Survivor review – In a post apocalyptic world, only you can be confusing

As I said in this weeks Video Mondaily, today’s review is on Jasper Byrne’s indie survival horror: Lone Survivor. Now it’s worth mentioning from the word go that this was indeed a solo project from one single man, so that ought to be taken into consideration when you have a look at the video from Monday and any other bits and pieces of information that you pick up about the game. I say this but honestly, I don’t need to make any excuses for Lone Survivor because it is actually absolutely fantastic! The game focuses on your character, an unnamed and unknown survivor of some apocalyptic disaster which has turned most of the population into weird shambling horrors. One hesitates to call them zombies because it’s never mentioned that they are dead, rather the creatures are the victims of some virus which ravaged the population of the world/city/apartment complex. Generally I thought of the creatures as “mutants” so that’s what I will call them for the duration of this review (this name was helped along by the appearance of some other unusual enemies, but I digress). The game’s premise is rather simple your character (“you”?) have been holed up in your flat for weeks now and have decided that it is time to escape your apartment complex and escape the city itself – perhaps the idea is to search for survivors or to head to Pacific Playland (WOO! TWINKIES!), whatever survivors do.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Justine review

In honour of the teaser website for the next Amnesia game by Frictional Games I decided that I would do a retrospective on the original Amnesia and it’s add-on Justine. Allow me to start the review by mentioning that I am well aware of how much has been said about this game by every reviewer in existence and I am likewise aware that there probably hasn’t been anyone who’s ever played it that didn’t like it. Well unless the player absolutely cannot stand having to shower every time after gaming from having pissed themselves in fear too much.