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Video Mondaily – Sir, You Are Being Hunted

  Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a first person shooter set in a randomly generated British-style country full of forests, small villages, roads and all the sort of quintessential “British” rural necessities (or at least I believe that is what they were aiming for). Oh, plus there’s robots. The game is based around an alternate dimension sort-of-thing that the player has been teleported to in which you are the only human and steam-punk robots have taken over and are now trying to relocate your head from your shoulders. Plus they have top-hats, so they can’t be that bad.

Endweek News – Colour Me Intrigued, Release Date City and Videos and Trailers

Hey everyone, it is Sunday again and as usual it is time for the News! Last week I epically failed in that I posted the news from the previous two weeks but then completely forgot to post the Colour Me Intrigued, Release Date City and Videos section. That means that actually this week  this part of the Endweek News is actually THREE WEEKS worth of stuff as opposed to just one… Yeah I know, failure at it’s finest… However, the normal Endweek News section will just be the news from the past week and I hope to have that uploaded later today as well! Anyway, enough talk! What has been intriguing and awesome in the last three weeks? Check after the jump to find out!

Neptune’s Pride – Following the Trend

After hearing about Neptune’s Pride, the long-term, real-time, in-browser, multiplayer strategy game. Or as I like to call it LTRTIBMS game… I checked out the game at the official site and watched Tim in the play a little in the early days of his Empire. I was quickly hooked on the idea and mechanics behind the game and myself went on the Rock, Paper, Shotgun forums to sign up for a game myself.

RPS Neptunes Pride Community Epic Underway!

    So the fantastical Rock Paper Shotgun community has gathered together to start an epic game of Neptunes Pride. Eight of us will battle against each other among the stars over a series of weeks and months. Everyone has agreed to write up their plans and post them here on MMGaming so it should be a great read. The image is our starting positions, along with the names of the players with myself being under the alias Timmeister.