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Neptune’s Pride 2: Triton review – Backstabbing better than Assassin’s Creed

Having played a game in the original Neptune’s Pride and now having played through a number of Neptune’s Pride 2: Triton (a name I approve of as it is one of the moons of Neptune) games I think I am in a reasonably educated and sensible position to produce a review on the new and improved game. It is a game which caused heartache and strife for both me and Tim, way back when we played the original. Tim reviewed the game after playing with a number of people from the RPS boards and I produced a diary of my exploits in the game (Parts 1 and 2 here). This new instalment of the game promised just as much and so me and Tim were both incredibly eager to dive right in and this time created a private game with our friends. The game is, as far as I’m aware, still currently in Beta, but the meat of the game is there and I believe it is only a matter of fixing bugs and making small balance changes here and there before it will be officially released (thus why this is a full review and and not an impressions or preview article).

Endweek News – Release Date City, Colour Me Intrigued and Videos

Release Date City Just one release date for you this week. Developers Ronimo Games have announced that sometime in the next month the successful MOBA, fresh from XBLA and PSN, Awesomenauts will be getting a PC release version on Steam. There is not definite release date yet, but saying “this month” is close enough in my estimation. Also for those of you who own a Mac there is actually a Mac version in progress as well, so you’ll actually be able to try this one!

Song of the Week – This is Aperture

It is time to get ready for the weekend (fun fun fun?) and in order to get us in the mood we have a new song of the week. This is Aperture, a Portal 2 themed version of This is Halloween from the Nightmare Before Christmas, created by one Harry101UK. This is Aperture? This is AWESOME more like! Because it is awesome! Not only is the original score by Danny Elfman completely fantastic, but this is also absolutely legendary! Let’s mess about with some Portals shall we?