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Dead Space 3 review – Dead… SPAAAAAAACE!

This is an article I was putting off for a while because I was struggling to get to a stage where I felt I had done “enough” to produce a review. The definition of “enough” varies from game to game from simply putting in a certain number of hours to actually completing the game depending on how much I am enjoying the game. The point comes down to the fact that I always try to give every game I play a fair shot and to not dismiss them out of hand. However, sometimes it becomes increasingly difficult to reach that moment of “right I’ve played enough now!” With Dead Space 3 I went through some serious pains in order to give it what I felt was a “fair shot”, and it was only when I realised that I was actually going through “pains” in order to play it that I decided that life was too short and stopped a good few chapters before the end.

Skyrim Creation Kit, Space Cores and Awesome Creations

So, the free Creation Kit for Skyrim came out on Tuesday and the rumours proved true about the “big surprise”. Along with the creation kit you get access to a High Resolution texture pack for Skyrim. Now I’m not going to lie I’ve looked through a few videos to try and find one that emphasises the difference, but really I haven’t seen anything that stands out in particular. I bet it does look better and if you played with it and then switched back to the normal texture pack you’d notice the difference, but just looking at videos on Youtube I can’t see anything different.