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Styx: Master of Shadows review – The only thief who glows in the dark

Styx *hurrkk* Master of Shadows published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Cyanide Studios (who you might know because of Impire) is apparently a prequel to the game Of Orcs and Men, a game from back in 2012. No, I hadn’t heard of it before either. A quick Google search informs me that Of Orcs and Men has an average review score of approximately 65/100 and that seems to be about as much as one can say about it, overall nothing particularly special. Well, apparently that makes it prime series material as Cyanide use one of the main characters, Styx the First Goblin, and provide him with an origins story of sorts from when he wants to attempt to steal the Heart of the World Tree.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea DLC review – Constants and variables

The following article contains some spoilers for the end of Bioshock Infinite. Bioshock Infinite was unquestionably one of my favourite games of 2013 and remains every bit as excellent. It ought to be a mark of its excellence that I actually played the game through twice despite its linear path and story, simply because I enjoyed playing it so much. Indeed it was only in the past few weeks that I completed my second playthrough on 1999 mode (and got all those collectible achievements along the way, I might add) and decided that I just had not yet had quite my fill of Bioshock. This prompted me to buy the season pass for the game and work through the various DLCs on offer.

The Raven: Legend of a Master Thief review [including Chapter 3] – Colonel Mustard in an alternate dimension, with your mum.

In hindsight I sort of regret posting my review for the first chapter of The Raven, the crime-thriller game from King Art and Nordic Games, way back in August. See the issue it provided is that I not only wrote an incomplete review for a measly one third of the overall game, but I also had to repeat a lot of what I said in my review for Chapter 2 and now I will probably have to say it a third time in this overall review. I was tempted, briefly, to write a review for Chapter 3 and then write a one-word review for the game as a whole, but that seems a bit unfair, so I will be including my thoughts on Chapter 3 in with this official and final MMGaming review of The Raven: Legend of a Master Thief.

The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief [Chapter 2] review – I have the eyes of a Hawk!

Chapter 1 of The Raven was quite the surprise, released late July by The Adventure Company. A point and click, story-driven, mystery game in which you are poking around various lovingly designed locations in order to try and figure out the identity of the master thief The Raven. There were puzzles, great characters and dialogue and a cliffhanger which had me shaking my computer with frustration and angst. Basically it was exactly what a mystery game should be, excellently paced and written so that you were constantly questioning and pondering on this puzzle of who The Raven was.

The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief review [Chapter 1] – I’m Tintin!

It amuses me sometimes how the big video game publishers pander to the video gamer. All male protagonists are hugely built American (the only good guys on the planet) space marines (Japanese games need not apply here) with voices more gravelly than the driveway outside Buckingham Palace and all female side-kicks have been doing one million squats and sit ups every single day since birth giving them the perfect hourglass figure (Japanese games apply here at about one billion times worse). So personally I think that The Raven deserves critical acclaim and world-wide recognition for being the first game where you play a portly, balding Swiss man who is probably supposed to be in his fifties or even sixties. He even has a heart condition. That alone makes the game stand out, because I don’t think I’ve ever played a video game character without a six-pack. Naturally as one of the unwashed masses this was so far out of my comfort zone I instantly had to turn the game off, switch on Call of Duty and rock myself back and forward to the brown colour pallet muttering “No. No. Only America is good. Swiss are bad. America good. Everyone beautiful.” It was a long while, during which time I had to call several people faggots and noobs before I could even consider turning the game back on.

Thief 4 – New Details

Not much is known yet about Thief 4 only that it’s in development and that people are all very excited about it. It’s probable that there will be a large announcement and release of news about the game at E3 this year but until then people have to make do with rumours and tiny tid-bits of information. Anyway LinkedIn has apparently got a few of the interesting bits of information and they were dragged out into the light earlier today.