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The Wolf Among Us Chapter 1 impressions – Keeping the genre alive

Telltale Games jumped rather suddenly into the public perception last year with the release of the episodic, story-driven, point-and-click adventure The Walking Dead. This has put them into the rather unenviable position of having a lot of pressure on them to keep up the same high standards that were seen in The Walking Dead, a game which won many Game of the Year awards. Well, they say “stick with what you know” and Telltale are taking that pretty literally with their development of The Wolf Among Us: an episodic, story-driven, point-and-click adventure. Like with The Walking Dead, Telltale will be releasing the five episodes one by one and so only the first is available at the moment, with the second to be released at a later date.

We need you!

We are all busy men here at MMGaming. Infact there is only 4 writers currently working and we would like some more guest writers! So, if you have an interest in writing for us (as a hobby, we aren’t professional) please send us a piece of some of your work to contact@mmgaming.net and we would love to have you do some writing for us! Some of the perks of writing here is you will get the opportunity to play some games for free and even some games that haven’t been released to the public. Also you will get a very minor payment for your trouble! It really is good fun and you get to have a good laugh with a bunch of sound guys. Let us know what you think!