MMGaming was made by two biology students, Timothy Mottram and Sebastian May-Wilson with a passion for gaming. The overall goal of the blog is to post reviews and opinions on Games, Board Games and occasionally other “nerdy” topics. We do it both to inform and because it’s something we enjoy. We do have other friends post and we are grateful for their contribution.

None of us have any training in journalism or professional writing but we still hope to provide a high quality level of coverage which is as close to objectivity as possible. While we don’t expect to contend with massive reviews and news sites, we like to have our own little corner of the internet.

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Regarding scores: Like many game reviewers we like to stick a score at the end of our reviews, but it is a commonly argued point that scores simply provide an arbitrary value that often holds little weight when trying to compare two completely different games. Personally we subscribe to the belief that it actually provides an edge of focus to our reviews in that it forces us to make a final “call” about how good the game is. Plus it does condense the long reviews into one bite-sized piece of information.

Our “old” method of scoring (abandoned in 09/2016) was based on an alphabetical grading system from F- to A+. In this system the broad strokes were as followed: A = excellent, B = great, C = good, D = disappointing, E = bad, F = fucking terrible.

As of 2016 we now utilise a more common 0 to 100 scoring system. In this system it is possible to be a little more “precise” but again a good rule of thumb is as follows:

  • 0-20 = uterly awful and actively recommend against buying
  • 21-40 = definitvely poor and do not recommend
  • 41-60 =  sub-par with some redeeming factors up to fairly good, recommendation will depend on personal taste
  • 61-80 = great game, recommend to most people
  • 81-100 = incredible game recommended to everyone, their gran and her cat




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Author Bios:

Timothy Mottram

Age: 24              Studying: PhD in Molecular Virology            Where: Glasgow

Gamer-Name: Corporal Herb




Sebastian May-Wilson

Age: 24             Studying: PhD in Cancer Science            Where: London

Gamer-Name: Sabor117

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mmgamingseb

Gaming Likes: Top 5 Games of all time:

  1. Witcher 3
  2. Mass Effect 2 (fuck you, Tim) and, by extension 1 and 3
  3. Skyrim
  4. Portal 2
  5. Bioshock Infinite

Honourable mentions: Half Life 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Minecraft, Fallout 3, Batman: Arkham Origins, GTAV, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Gaming Dislikes: Most driving games and sports games put me to sleep. A good game is allowed to HAVE these things in it… but it had better as hell not be the focus…

Bio: Like Tim I am a student of the biological sciences and an avid gamer. I’m also the one who writes most of the shit on this site. Reviewing a game is not an exact science (unlike actual science, which is a good deal more exact) and often my opinion can be swayed by a variety of things which I can’t really explain logically. However, there are commandments which could make the life of a game developer easier (should they be trying to please me, which they should):

  1. Always innovate and invent, except for purely for the sake of newness, the fastest way to disgust me is to release the same thing year-in, year-out.
  2. Every game should have a singleplayer mode (MMOs excepted). If your game is online and multiplayer only, you have literally 1-5 matches to grab my interest before I never, ever play it again.
  3. All driving games, sports games and fighting games suck. No exceptions.
    1. Brawlers are the exception.
    2. Brawlers will make you lose your friends. No exceptions.
    3. Rocket League is an exception…
  4. We should get out what we put in. Games ought to return a similar amount of play time to the amount of money spent.
    1. IF hours spent playing game < pounds sterling spent on game/2 = YOU DUN GOOFED SON!
    2. IF hours spent playing game > pounds sterling spent on game = YOU DUN GOOD SON!
  5. Liara T’soni is best girl. No exceptions
    1. Your waifu is SHIIIIIIIT!
    2. Erogi is also shite.
  6. The little things matter. Sometimes it’s not all about massive skyboxes and sweeping visuals. Sometimes it can be the smallest of easter-eggs or simplest of animations which can really catch our eye and our minds.
    1. Rule of thumb: if you enjoy making the game, we might well enjoy playing it.
    2. Graphics are not important, effort and design is. Pixel sprites can look fucking awesome when the effort is there.
  7. Video games are an art form, but one should never forget that they are designed to entertain. A comical and stupid game can be infinitely better than any dark and gritty story game.
    1. Stanley is love. Stanley is life.
  8. All hail the PC Master Race.
    1. Seriously, how is this still an argument?
    2. Console exclusives are despicable and are holding games to ransom, even if the game is amazing the system sucks. Your exclusive is bad and you should feel bad.
  9. Fuck you Tim.
    1. Better check yourself before you SHREK yourself…
    2. Get rekt.
    3. Git Gud.



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