MMGaming was made by two biology students, Timothy Mottram and Sebastian May-Wilson with a passion for gaming. The overall goal of the blog is to keep people up-to-date on interesting news and to give our views and opinions from the perspective of the younger generation. We do have other friends post and we are grateful for their contribution.

None of us have any training in journalism or professional writing but we still hope to provide a service that is of high quality. While we don’t expect to contend with massive reviews and news sites, we like to have our own little corner of the internet.

Thank you for reading.

PLEASE: Post comments! The more active you are, the better this place will become.

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Author Bios:

Timothy Mottram

Age: 19                Studying: Molecular Biology               Where:University of Glasgow

Gamer-Name: Corporal Herb              MMGaming Designation: The Don

Gaming Likes: Oblivion. The Stanley Parable. Timesplitters 2. Half Life 2. Oblivion. Dungeon Siege. Oblivion. Majesty. Oblivion. Oblivion. Oblivion.

Gaming Dislikes: Mass Effect 1 + 2. Deal with it.

Bio: In this town… ain’t who you know. It’s who you wanna be, capeesh? I keep the ball rolling here, no funny business. I enjoy board games and a nice glass of white wine. I appreciate the fine arts and have taken a fancy to jazz. I take a stroll through the local park on a wednesday and give the local hobo £1.20 to buy a pizza crunch.

That last sentence was a lie.

Sebastian May-Wilson

Age: 19               Studying: Biology               Where: University of Edinburgh

Gamer-Name: Sabor117               MMGaming Designation: The Nerdy One

Gaming Likes: Half Life 2 (and everything related to it), Oblivion and Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed (aaaah… Ezio…), Batman Arkham Asylum/City, Red Dead Redemption, World of Warcraft, Halo, Portal 2, Games with nice shiny graphics… Oh and Mass Effect (One and Two)! AND Dragon Age Origins… Hell I could go on a while here…

Gaming Dislikes: Most driving games and sports games put me to sleep. A good game is allowed to HAVE these things in it… but it had better as hell not be the focus…

Bio: In order to understand some of my articles you have to be well versed in games/films and even books as I reference things left right and centre (well… when I can anyway…) I also tend to make use of Memes and other internet paraphernalia to help get my points across. I tend to get fanboyish of certain games (aaaah… Ezio…) but I won’t let it cloud my judgement, for I am guided by the force… or like to think so anyway…

Oh! And! A Special Thanks to Conner Fleming for Designing the logo

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