Intro to the site:

MMGaming was made by two biology students with a passion for gaming in mid-2011: Timothy Mottram and Sebastian May-Wilson (the M and the M in MMGaming). We’ve been writing and making content about games for years now and our goals have shifted somewhat over the time we’ve been doing it. These days our primary focus is our YouTube channel (where we STILL hope we might somehow develop a following) but we still post reviews for the games we play on this site, as well as links to our other content and discussions on gamer culture and board games.

We’ve come a long way from being two bright-eyed first year Uni students to now being grizzled and hardened scientists in our own fields but we still like to think our opinions on games are the best opinions.

Neither of us have any training in journalism or professional writing but we still hope to provide content that is of high quality. While we don’t expect to contend with the bigger reviewers and YouTubers, we like to have our own little corner of the internet.

Thank you for reading.

PLEASE: Post comments! The more active you are, the better this place will become.

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About our Content

Much of this is copy and pasted from our post from early 2018 where we established a lot of the “rules” that we have established for our own content.

Game reviews

All reviews will end with the following:

  • A score out of 100. We acknowledge this is largely arbitrary, but appeals to our sense of order for ranking/rating games. In general our rating follows this structure (I.e. if it is above a 5/10 it is ABOVE average IGN):

  • A pros/cons list for a summary of the review at a glance.
  • A place on the Tier List:


Board Game reviews

All board game reviews will be summarised at the end with a rating out of 10 in 5 categories:

Gameplay The overall flow and mechanics of the game including pacing, style and just overall how much fun it is.

Looks/Feel – The design, theme and general aesthetic of the game as well as how it might feel to play it.

Content – How much is actually contained with the game and whether this matches the accompanying price tag.

Replayability – A rating of how many times we feel you can happily replay the game without getting bored.

Social Score –  How much interaction there is with other players and how fun it is to do so and how easy it is to learn/teach (under the assumption of introducing the game to non-gamers).


Final Thoughts ON

Full video review of a game. Likely to contain the same (possibly extended) points as an accompanying written review.

Will be scripted and rely on pre-recorded gameplay and separately recorded face-cam/voiceover.


My Thoughts ON

Similar to Final Thoughts On with the addendum of potential changes in future (for example for games in post-release betas or those with very long post-release update schedules).


Impressions On

An initial impressions on a game either formed within the first few hours or of a game so incomplete that it cannot remotely be considered a review (I.e. early betas/alphas).

Most likely will be (largely) unscripted and filmed whilst playing the game in question.


5G5M – 5 games in 5 minutes

Heavily scripted quick video review of 5 Games in 5 Minutes. Most likely for games which would fall under the “Sale” or lower tier of our own tier list OR a game which we lost interest in after a very short amount of time and thus not worth a full review.

I.e. these games may still receive positive notes from us with the addendum that they simply didn’t grab us.


Other Content

Sillies: Flagship video series, heavily edited multiplayer content

Stream Highlights: cut down to size


Author Bios:

Timothy Mottram

Born: August 2019                Studying: Virology              Where: University of Leeds

Gamer-Name: Corporal Herb              MMGaming Designation: The Don

Gaming Likes: Oblivion. The Stanley Parable. Timesplitters 2. Half Life 2. Oblivion. Dungeon Siege. Oblivion. Majesty. Oblivion. Oblivion. Oblivion.

Gaming Dislikes: Mass Effect 1 + 2. Deal with it.

Bio: In this town… ain’t who you know. It’s who you wanna be, capeesh? I keep the ball rolling here, no funny business. I enjoy board games and a nice glass of white wine. I appreciate the fine arts and have taken a fancy to jazz. I take a stroll through the local park on a Wednesday and give the local hobo £1.20 to buy a pizza crunch.

That last sentence was a lie.


Sebastian May-Wilson

Born: August 2019              Studying: Genetics              Where: University of Edinburgh

Gamer-Name: Sabor117               MMGaming Designation: S-One-One-Seven

Gaming Likes: Mass Effect, The Witcher, Factorio, Anno, The Stanley Parable, Skyrim, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Prey 2017, RPGs and story-driven games

Gaming Dislikes: Sports games, Fighting games, Racing games

Bio: –



Just a few names of people who have helped us make some of our content over the years:

Lamios, Jroy, Sykam – currently featured in several of our videos

Conner Fleming – old logo design

Nick, Josh, Doogawl, AliiiP, FordT and Crosscrash – previous contributors (full names excluded for privacy):

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