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Developers! We are NOT a big gaming website, that is certainly true, however we always will eagerly jump on the opportunity to review any game we can. If you want us to review your game or have an interview about it please don’t hesitate and get in touch. We also appreciate preview/alpha/beta codes in order to do previews or impressions of games. And please add us to your companies mailing list about updates.

Also, Gaming fans! We aren’t omnipotent, if you feel there is some Gaming news that ought to be posted but hasn’t been then we may well have missed it so please also send us an e-mail!


Our website email is: contact(at)

You can contact us personally at these address’s also

Tim (aka Timmeister/Corporal Herb) – tim(at)

Seb (aka Sabor117) –  seb(at)


We will read every email, regardless of sender, though it may take time to respond as we tend to be quite busy.

Also remember to comment on our posts or to say something on Facebook! We keep an eye on everything!

We even have a Twitter account if you would prefer to message us that way!