Video Diaries… Mmm Delicious

Some of you may have been keeping up with my delightful Gears of War 3 Diary (if you haven’t you can check Days 1 and 2 here, Day 3 here and Day 4 here) but perhaps for some of you reading is a chore which you would rather not do on too regular a basis.

Well fear not my friends! On our Youtube channel Tim has been hacking his way through Dead Island with his roomate Jamie and he’s been filming it for our loving public. Aren’t you lucky? You can view the videos on our channel or here after the jump! You can also check out our review of Dead Island here!

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Gatling Gears Review

Gatling Gears is a simple third person shooter game. You take the role as Max, an ex-pilot for the Empire. Now when I say pilot I don’t mean planes, you drive a walker. One similar to an AT-ST walker in Star Wars. Yes, you get to control the walker and you have some weapons on board to shoot the bad guys. You have a Gatling gun (left mouse button), cannons (right mouse button), grenades (space bar) and a shock bomb (shift button) which can only be used once every level.

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Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review

I will admit, I was not entirely unbiased towards this game to start with. During some previous perusing of the X-Box Live Arcade I had stumbled upon the original Toy Soldiers and had thought “what the hell, it can’t hurt, I’ll give it a go”. Well I can tell you right now, I almost wish it had hurt. At least then the pain would have distracted me from the boredom with which I was rewarded. So I am ashamed to say, I quit the game and give it no further thought.

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Project Zomboid: Patching Up


So, as I mentioned when I previewed Project Zomboid (here) MMGaming has been trying to keep abreast of new developments with Project Zomboid. And with keeping that promise we are pleased to announce that there has been a new update for the game. It seems to mostly bug fixes at the moment, but that still means that Project Zomboid is drawing ever closer to evolving from Cool to fully fledged Awesome!

Rather than tell you the various bug fixes and everything in the new patch I will simply direct you to the Project Zomboid page: which details the changes that will be made.