Local Multiplayer editorial – Everyone should get Towerfall

Halo Multiplayer

Do you remember local multiplayer? Back when the Nazis were rampaging across Europe and the days when if you had suggested an “always online” experience you would have been laughed back to whatever pit you crawled out of. Man, those were the days… Continue reading


Gatling Gears Review

Gatling Gears is a simple third person shooter game. You take the role as Max, an ex-pilot for the Empire. Now when I say pilot I don’t mean planes, you drive a walker. One similar to an AT-ST walker in Star Wars. Yes, you get to control the walker and you have some weapons on board to shoot the bad guys. You have a Gatling gun (left mouse button), cannons (right mouse button), grenades (space bar) and a shock bomb (shift button) which can only be used once every level.

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