A Tale of 2 FPS’s



The past couple of weeks I have been trying my dab hand at 2 popular FPS games that are currently in beta stage. Counter-strike: Global Offensive and Blacklight Retribution.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun… You Lads…

All of you need to click on this link here to Rock, Paper, Shotgun! Right fucking now!

“Why?” you ask. It’s simple. Those bros over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun are running a completely free give-away of over 12,000 keys for the Beta of Star Wars The Old Republic. True the keys will only last for a weekend. But that’s a whole fucking weekend in which you could be using a lightsaber, the force and blasters on whatever the fuck the Star Wars Universe can throw at you (link after the jump).

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SWTOR: Wise, Testing is…

So, Bioware has announced that they will be “greatly” increasing the number testers for the closed beta of SWTOR. So if you signed up as a potential candidate then keep an eye on your inbox for your Beta key as apparently they will be sending them out all this month.

I might just go check right now…