Skyrim Creation Kit release date

All you would be modders and designers can mark Tuesday down in your diary as Bethesda is releasing there Creation Kit Software to the public on Steam. When it goes live you can download the pack from the tools section on Steam and mod and change the game to your hearts content.

Plus there is apparently, according to Pete Hines (marketing guy for Bethesda), a secret surprise in the kit for anyone who wants to use it. Interesting, I wonder what that’s going to be…

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Skyrim Review

This review is quite simply born of necessity. Both me and Tim have played Skyrim and it won our 2011 Game of the Year Award. Really though it’s hard to write something about the game that hasn’t been said already. Because it’s just so damned easy to rave and drool over Skyrim. Hell, if you need to read this to make your decision, allow me to prevent you from having to bother to scroll the read the rating at the bottom. Skyrim is quite simply the best game I have ever played.

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Minecraft Dragons, Because poking Bethesda with a stick is fun!

It’s still not entirely certain whether or not this is true but apparently Notch is working on adding Dragons into Minecraft at some point in the future. Dragons which randomly spawn and fly around and probably attack you giving you the opportunity to kill it for phat lootz. Sound familiar? It should because that’s what the primary focus of Skyrim is going to be… and you do know about Skyrim I hope/assume/know. Continue reading