Vidya Round Up – Battle Royales

We’ve all seen the trend, a trend which is now at the point of its popularity where it’s getting “overdone” and so people may be moving to greener pastures soon. But in the meantime, people are still swarming to Battle Royale games and at this point even the big guns of the likes of EA […]

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MMGaming Game Awards 2017

I think that an awards post for each year is a great idea. Having said that I also think that some awarding bodies are dumb as hell. Like doing awards for a year near the start of the year for instance. Well, I wanted to make doubly sure that 2017 was over before posting this […]

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The MMGaming Awards – 2012

The world awaits with bated breath as we at MMGaming have been considering the various awards we would like to hand out at this years MGA (MMGaming Gaming Awards): the more prestigious version of the VGA. All across the globe the big game companies are staring at their browsers, just waiting to see if their […]

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