Syndrome review – Syndrome of a Down.


One of the worst things about becoming at least reasonably clued in to any particular medium is that you begin to recognise the patterns and tropes between titles. No longer do you approach every film/book/game with wide eyed optimism but instead with a leery cynicism as you point out every single thing that has been done previously.

Of course, sometimes this sort of thing is just made a bit too easy for you and such is the case with Syndrome, a new indie horror by Camel101 in conjunction with Bigmoon Entertainment (the company behind Lichdom Battlemage). Continue reading


Styx: Master of Shadows review – The only thief who glows in the dark

Styx Master of Shadows Wallpaper

Styx *hurrkk* Master of Shadows published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Cyanide Studios (who you might know because of Impire) is apparently a prequel to the game Of Orcs and Men, a game from back in 2012. No, I hadn’t heard of it before either. A quick Google search informs me that Of Orcs and Men has an average review score of approximately 65/100 and that seems to be about as much as one can say about it, overall nothing particularly special. Well, apparently that makes it prime series material as Cyanide use one of the main characters, Styx the First Goblin, and provide him with an origins story of sorts from when he wants to attempt to steal the Heart of the World Tree.

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Endweek News – Colour Me Intrigued, Release Date City and Videos and Trailers

Hey everyone, it is Sunday again and as usual it is time for the News! Last week I epically failed in that I posted the news from the previous two weeks but then completely forgot to post the Colour Me Intrigued, Release Date City and Videos section. That means that actually this week  this part of the Endweek News is actually THREE WEEKS worth of stuff as opposed to just one… Yeah I know, failure at it’s finest…

However, the normal Endweek News section will just be the news from the past week and I hope to have that uploaded later today as well! Anyway, enough talk! What has been intriguing and awesome in the last three weeks? Check after the jump to find out!

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