Anno 1800 review – Master and Commander and also Stockbroker

Anno wallpaper

It’s quite a common theme for me that when I’ve had a few drinks I start spouting off the glories of British Imperialism. This tends to involve espousing the virtues of Churchill, redcoats, tea, getting the cane out of the cupboard and using it on the bloody Frenchies and how we can all agree that this whole “experiment” of USA Independence has clearly not really worked out. This is why strategy games set in this era are something I am particularly fond of, despite a criminal lack of them. Empire: Total War is reasonable fun but beyond that the combat lacks nuance (and the sailing ship combat is so dire that it’s hard to overlook), meanwhile the seemingly fabulous Europa Universallis IV is so damned complicated that after two separate failed attempts to figure it out, I rather despair of ever getting into it. Continue reading

The MMGaming Awards – 2016


2015 was a big year in video games. Several massive releases each of which several were genuinely incredible. Well, rather than sating us, we were only provided with a hunger, nay a NEED, for more… Unfortunately though it seems that the gaming industry’s recovery period is at least a year because 2016 was mostly, let’s face it, pretty disappointing.

I guess it’s only fitting that the games of 2016 would be a bit subpar given how shitty everything else was this year. I mean seriously… This is legit a meme now… 2016 was ACTUALLY cursed? What the heck? Continue reading

Factorio Impressions – Machines building machines! How perverse.

Factorio wallpaperIt can often be quite difficult determining whether a game is the sort of thing one will enjoy or not. Two of the best ways of doing it are to either find a reviewer with decent taste (so really you should definitely accept my ratings as gospel) or to look at review aggregates, in order to see what the Hive Mind thinks. Looking at the Steam reviews for Factorio is how me and Tim started. “Overwhelmingly Positive” doesn’t really begin to describe the state of affairs of the game. Of 8100 reviews (at the time of writing), 100 are negative, providing what is damned close to a 99% approval rating. And then if you look at the top negative reviews they all start with something along the lines of “I love this game, I just have a niggle that is probably due to it being Early Access”.

And it IS Early Access. That was a large part of my initial hesitation in getting the game. There are way too many games which wear the banner of Early Access as an excuse for being completely unfinished and damned near unplayable. Despite that, it seemed to basically hit the ground running with close enough to make no difference 100% of people enjoying it. So me and Tim got copies and I’ll be damned if I’m not just another sheep following the herd because I also think it’s absolutely fucking fabulous.

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