Hard Reset Extended Edition

A retail exclusive edition of Hard Reset, the downloadable first person shooter from Flying Wild Hog is planned for release soon. It adds five new levels to the single player campaign and and two to the survival mode, plus a new backstory. A few screenshots have been provided of the Cyberpunk world’s new environments and boy do they look pretty!

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Hard Reset Demo Out

Okay, so those of you who saw our preview on Hard Reset or our discussion on it and thought “Hey this game sounds okay, I might give it a shot”. Well good news! The demo is now out and you can download it off Steam or off of a few mirrors (credit to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for finding these) here¬†or here.


Hard Reset: The Marmite of the Gaming World

Big things have been happening here at MMGaming: no longer are we a tiny site at the corner of the internet. We are now a tiny site at the corner of the internet that some developers actually know about! As such the wonderful people over at Flying Wild Hog Games (non-indie, composed of former The Witcher 2 and Bulletstorm staff just-so-ya-know) gave us the chance to preview their up and coming cyberpunk FPS game for PC: ‘Hard Reset’. So without further ado let’s take a look!

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