Endweek News – Diablo patches, Updates and Release Dates and not really very much happening

It is unfortunate that I left at the most inopportune moment for a holiday… I left two weeks ago right in the middle of E3 and thus I missed out on most of what was going on AND I wasn’t able to post anything about it. I mean I also wasn’t here for last week’s news but that seems less important in comparison to learning about E3. However I am back now and I will once again dispense wisdom and knowledge to the masses every Sunday (or thereabouts) in the form of news of the world of video games! I might even summon the courage to look back a couple of weeks and sift through all the various updates and exciting things from E3 to give you our own highlights of this years expo… But that is just as possible to not happen, we will have to wait and see.

It’s an interesting point as well that with the massive frenzy of news that was E3 the video game world has quietened down a little bit recently as they try and take a few deep breaths to steady themselves. I can understand really, the build-up to E3 followed by the massive out-pouring of news… Well I’m surprised there’s really any news at all already! But let’s see what’s been going on shall we?

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Endweek News – A writer sues Ubisoft, Halo 4 get’s a release date, Trailers for God of War and 0x10c are everywhere and Arkham City content get’s teased

Once again (due to the excuses I lined out last week) I again failed to post any Midweek News this past week. As well as that, this session of Endweek News was hastily researched and thrown together, you’ll just have to forgive me for these things as I have been rather busy. That said most of the news from this past week is actually trailers and other videos, so less reading for you guys. I will say no more on it but jump straight into the news!

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Song of the Week – Zelda Medley

Despite my dislike of all things Zelda related I have to admit that this particular medley of tunes from the series of games played masterfully on a violin by one Lindsey Stirling is pretty damned awesome.

It may not be the dance or dubstep you expect from us to help prepare you for the weekend, but it certainly ties in with last week’s theme of calm but stirring music! So I suppose we should all break out our Master Swords and turn into wolves and ride some horses and Triforce this bitch up!

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Mass Effect 3 demo avaliable

If you want to check out Mass Effect 3 before it’s release in March you can head along to this page provided by Bioware. It gives links to downloads for all platforms and the demo provides two missions for you to try out. Also if you want to try out the multiplayer you can do that as well providing you log into your EA Origin account.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t really have any intention of playing the demo or watching gameplay videos as I intend to get into the full game with an unbiased and completely blank outlook on the game.

Skyrim: Update coming soon

The full details of the next update coming for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been released by Bethesda. Euorgamer were very kind to post the full list of changes and updates and I’ve simply copied and pasted them in here after the jump. So you can check them out wherever strikes your fancy.

The main change coming is that there will be a fix for the lag issues that have apparently been afflicting PS3 gamers. But the list for every change made is quite long. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t read through it all it’s THAT long. I suppose with a game as vast as Skyrim it makes sense that things will fall through the cracks… A LOT of things… Continue reading