MMGaming Top 50 Games – 40 to 31

Inspired by the PC Gamer Top 100 games list here is the continuation of own list of the Best Video Games Ever. MMGaming’s official Top 50 Games.

Just a quick reminder of the rules and requirements for a game to make it into the MMG Top 50: first of all, the games in our Top 50 will naturally only include those games which one of us (me or Tim) have played. They will also include games from literally any platform we’ve had access to across the ages.

In order to belong on the list the game had to more-or-less fit two separate criteria: the games would have to be something which blew us away at the time of playing it, such that it still provokes an emotional response now, but also a game which we think is still very worth playing today. As such, some games which we are trying to provide a list of games which were both brilliant at the time but also have not aged like hot garbage and so their excellence can only be explained through the lens of nostalgia. Continue reading

Max Payne 3 trailer

A second trailer has come our way from Rockstar Games for upcoming Max Payne 3. This particular trailer features a lot of what appears to be in-game footage and a serious voice-over explaining in a serious tone just how serious this serious situation is.

For serious! Why so serious?

*Cough* Anyway, yes check it out after the jump!

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Max Payne 3 Release Date

Rockstar have apparently put an official release date down for Max Payne 3 and have again changed the date of the release of the PC version. For real this time. After delays (the last of which I genuinely foretold back in my introspection on 2012) and set-backs and general faffing about we now can finally tell you that Max Payne will be coming to consoles on the 15th of May in North America and the 18th of May in Europe. It will then be coming to PCs a little later on the 29th of May.

Let’s hope that’s the last of the faffing…

Max Payne 3 Delayed

Max Payne 3 has been delayed (as I say in the title) until sometime in May this year. This news has come out after, apparently, Take-Two realised that they weren’t going to make nearly as much money this year as they thought they would.

Why is irrelevant in my opinion, especially when it comes to stuff like “fiscal years” and “revenue”. Basically, the game is coming out a bit later this year than was previously expected.

Can I just say right now by the way… I FUCKING CALLED IT!! Someone get me a medal!!!

Max Payne 3

So, Rockstar games have announced that the release date for Max Payne 3 is going to be finally released in March 2012. And you know what… It actually might be released this time as it seems to have been delayed and delayed again countless times.

Might be worth a look methinks…