Quantum Conundrum – We like that feeling of our minds being blown

Today’s final batch of awesome, before I OD on awesome, comes from Airtight Games and Square Enix. The awesome in question is an eight minute long video featuring gameplay from the upcoming XBLA/PSN Game Quantum Conundrum. It features a voice-over from the game’s creator and shows you around some of the mind-blowing puzzles that the game will feature.

The game is a puzzle game which features some dimension bending, time fiddling AND gravity twisting all in one! Because you know… all those Indie and Mainstream games which have involved ONE of those things? Pffft… Amateurs…

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VOID: Impressions

That certainly didn’t take long. Immediately after making the news post about VOID, made by some students at DigiPen, I downloaded it and tried it out. It’s worth pointing out that as the work of students and not even a full time Indie-game developer the game IS very short. It took me around about 20 minutes to get through the whole game but that was more than enough to form an Impressions on.

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VOID: A new type of puzzle experiece

UPDATE: This post was a bit of an essence in futility. Right after making it I actually PLAYED the game I’m talking about. So if you would like to have my first hand-experiences rather than these second hand musings then click here.

The work of students from the Singaporean wing of the DigiPen Institute Of Technology, VOID is a brilliant looking new type of puzzle game. It involves using “bubbles” of the past to alter the present or to temporarily manipulate your surroundings. It sound fairly complex but actually the idea, I believe, is reasonably straightforward once explained. You can also see how it will look in a short teaser after the jump.

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