Antichamber review – Antibrainer!

Antichamber Wallpaper

Antichamber is something I only recently caught wind of, which is pretty damn surprising consider the amount of awards it has been nominated for and even won. Seriously, head over to the official website and check out the awards listed at the top it’s absolutely insane and has won awards as far back as 2009. Well it was recently released on Steam and we were lucky enough to get a copy from creator Alexander Bruce.

The game is an experimental and “psychological” first-person puzzle game in which you, the silent and unknown protagonist must traverse a series of increasingly complex and mind bending puzzles to finish the game. The game itself doesn’t really give much more away than that and indeed there is absolutely no story (or at least, not one I picked up on) and so essentially it leaves you in a large, completely seamless map with a mind-boggling array of puzzles and says “well, there you go. Have at it!”

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Quantum Conundrum – We like that feeling of our minds being blown

Today’s final batch of awesome, before I OD on awesome, comes from Airtight Games and Square Enix. The awesome in question is an eight minute long video featuring gameplay from the upcoming XBLA/PSN Game Quantum Conundrum. It features a voice-over from the game’s creator and shows you around some of the mind-blowing puzzles that the game will feature.

The game is a puzzle game which features some dimension bending, time fiddling AND gravity twisting all in one! Because you know… all those Indie and Mainstream games which have involved ONE of those things? Pffft… Amateurs…

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VOID: A new type of puzzle experiece

UPDATE: This post was a bit of an essence in futility. Right after making it I actually PLAYED the game I’m talking about. So if you would like to have my first hand-experiences rather than these second hand musings then click here.

The work of students from the Singaporean wing of the DigiPen Institute Of Technology, VOID is a brilliant looking new type of puzzle game. It involves using “bubbles” of the past to alter the present or to temporarily manipulate your surroundings. It sound fairly complex but actually the idea, I believe, is reasonably straightforward once explained. You can also see how it will look in a short teaser after the jump.

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I’m going to be honest. The lack of news-worthy news is beginning to make me a little desperate. Here’s me trying to get across good gaming news to you folks and I really have nothing to show for it. Nothing except more gaming related Youtube videos full of awesome.

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Parallax – We love that feeling of our minds being blown

At MMGaming we love simply love mind-fuckery. We love Portal and all of it’s lack of cake. We always enjoy cleverly designed puzzle games that mess with time, gravity or just all of physics completely! And this game looks like just the sort of thing I’m talking about.

Parallax by Toasty Games looks just SO fucking cool. You have to navigate the levels by switching between two dimensions in which there are different paths and platforms. Hell I can’t explain it, you’ll have to check the trailer after the jump. Just trust me when I say: “It looks awesome, the style looks awesome, the idea seems awesome… everything about it screams Awesome!”

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