Firewatch review – I’m a hipster and I’m okay!

Since Dear Esther I have to admit I can be partial to a well-done Walking Simulator. The Stanley Parable, for instance is a personal favourite and remains an incredibly smart and amusing game. However, these days far too many games which fall into this category rely too much on the same tricks Dear Esther did. Primarily relying on pretty graphics and a vague, “you-decide-what-it-all-means” story to try and carry themselves to critical acclaim. Personally I feel these things are often in danger of being overly pretentious and actually just not very interesting. Continue reading

Return of the Obra Dinn review – Meddling insurance provider saves the day?

I’m not sure who I feel worse for right now, Lucas Pope or other devs aspiring to release their own indie hit… On one hand you have to feel for Lucas Pope because now he’s created Papers Please and Return of the Obra Dinn, releasing both to great success and critical acclaim, so now all eyes are on him to see what he does next. Don’t they always say the third album is the difficult one? On the other hand, imagine what it must be like to be a solo indie dev these days, in University or beyond. You can’t win awards and get famous through your hot take on pixel sprite platforming now! No, for you to achieve success what you need to do is come up with a unique mechanic which is simultaneously simple and intuitive but also engaging and involved, you’ll need to write an exciting story which prompts discussion and thought, and then on top of that you can sprinkle in the graphics and animations, which also ought to be unique enough that someone could point to a still frame from it and recognise what it’s from. And even then you’ll still be compared against Lucas Pope. So, y’know, it’s not asking much! Continue reading

The Raven: Legend of a Master Thief review [including Chapter 3] – Colonel Mustard in an alternate dimension, with your mum.

The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief

In hindsight I sort of regret posting my review for the first chapter of The Raven, the crime-thriller game from King Art and Nordic Games, way back in August. See the issue it provided is that I not only wrote an incomplete review for a measly one third of the overall game, but I also had to repeat a lot of what I said in my review for Chapter 2 and now I will probably have to say it a third time in this overall review. I was tempted, briefly, to write a review for Chapter 3 and then write a one-word review for the game as a whole, but that seems a bit unfair, so I will be including my thoughts on Chapter 3 in with this official and final MMGaming review of The Raven: Legend of a Master Thief. Continue reading

The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief [Chapter 2] review – I have the eyes of a Hawk!

Constoable Zellner

Chapter 1 of The Raven was quite the surprise, released late July by The Adventure Company. A point and click, story-driven, mystery game in which you are poking around various lovingly designed locations in order to try and figure out the identity of the master thief The Raven. There were puzzles, great characters and dialogue and a cliffhanger which had me shaking my computer with frustration and angst. Basically it was exactly what a mystery game should be, excellently paced and written so that you were constantly questioning and pondering on this puzzle of who The Raven was. Continue reading