Dragon Age: Origins retrospectacle – Grey Wardens and grey environments

Dragon Age Origins wallpaperOne of the downsides of having only recently (within the last year really) joined the PC master race is that I suddenly find I no longer have any excuse to avoid many of the games I wistfully daydreamed about for so long when I couldn’t run any of them. Pretty high on the list of games I was disappointed to miss out on at their release, and always told myself I would play it if I ever got the chance to, is Dragon Age: Inquisition. DA:I was Tim’s game of the year for 2014 (which, while admittedly not a great year for games, is a pretty glowing recommendation on its own) but I have never been one for jumping into series halfway through… So one of the things I was determined to do was to actually complete Dragon Age: Origins first. The first installment of the popular series, released all the way back in 2009.

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Arkham Origins review – Learning to Dark Knight

Arkham Origins Wallpaper

So, you want to make an award winning video game series, or as they call it in Ubisoft and EA: “a cash cow”? Well, look no further than this simple guide which can get you there in the smallest of steps. First of all you need an interesting and novel idea. Perhaps you are an assassin who jumps into hay bales, perhaps you have a chainsaw attached to a machine-gun. You’re Batman? No, I think that’s been done before… Oh, you want to make a GOOD Batman game? Well, then, proceed directly to Step 2! Step 2 is easy, by now you’ve made a successful and exciting video game which may have even won awards and has generated enough capital for you to make another game. For Game Two *huuurrk* The Revengeancing you just need to have a look at what people liked and didn’t like about the first game! Easy-peasy! They like the combat and the stealth, then give them MORE of it! They dislike the enclosed size of the map and difficulty in traveling around, well make the map bigger and give them the ability to extend their glides almost indefinitely! They think there are a little too many Riddler trophies? Well… Perhaps that’s not the best example… The point is, that making a second game is as simple as simply making MORE of Game One (with the wrinkles ironed out). But then one gets to game three. Game Three is the hard one, by this point people will start expecting good things from your games. They’ll want more of what they liked from the first two, but now will also want OTHER new things to excite them as well. From here, you’re pretty much on your own because the third game often seems to be something of a stumbling block for franchises (unless your Bethesda or Rockstar, who will literally NEVER fail at making a good game). Continue reading

Retrospectacles: Mario (a.k.a. plumber by day, stoner by… well pretty much 24/7)

Itsa me, Mario!
What happens when you combine a moustache, a plumber, a national stereotype and 50kg of class A drugs? Only the video game industry’s most beloved mascot of course! From his “Itsa me!” to his famous red and blue outfit you might think you know pretty much all you need to about Mario. In fact you probably know more than you actually ‘need’ to about him. But wouldn’t you enjoy hearing the story of Mario’s rise to fame fighting against the rest of the world whilst battling his inner demons of acute drug addiction? Promise it’s a better story than ‘Never Say Never’…

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Retrospectacles: PONG (a.k.a. “Golly gosh! It’s like I’m Andy Murray!”)



Are you the kind of person that looks at all the new and exciting games posted here, shrug your shoulders and say aloud to nobody in particular, “Still not as good as Pokémon Red” (or Blue depending on your flavour)? No? Well you still might get some kicks out of delving into the history books of gaming, reliving some classics and laughing at the people (me) that can’t afford a PS3 / xbox360. So what better way to start our retrospective journey than with the game that pretty much kick-started the industry: PONG.
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