Battle of the Brick – Stop Motion Awesome

Kooberz studios, the ones responsible for Bricks of War┬áhave come out with another piece of stop-motion lego awesomeness! It’s a fair bit longer than Bricks of War (a full 25 minutes of lego combat) and this time features the Halo universe.

The film centres around a Multiplayer match of Capture the Flag on Zanzibar (it looks like it’s probably Halo 3!) and is absolutely amazing. You should make some time to watch it when you can, here after the jump:

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Bricks of War: Because the world just didn’t have enough awesome in it…

A previously unheard of (by me anyway) Youtube channel/group has come out with a short Gears of War video using Lego figures and stop action. It is unquestionably one of the coolest and most impressive things I have ever seen done with Lego (and it’s definitely in the top most-awesome-things-done-ever of all time as well for that matter!). I won’t say more just trust me and check the video here after the jump!

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