Catch-Up News – Catching up from a time long since past…

I have no excuses of any real merit as to why I have not posted any News for the last two months and a half. Minus a week that I spent on Holiday without internet and the few days it took to move into my new student flat I really could have been posting Endweek News without any real issues.

Seeing as it has actually been over a month since I last posted any form of News the prospect of posting EVERY piece of interesting News during that time makes me go pale with terror. I’ve posted long News posts before BUT I would very much rather avoid having to write out 10,000 words which, let’s be honest here, few people would ever struggle through (no matter how interesting the content). Instead, I did have a few tidbits I had collected with the intention of posting (but never got round to it) from in between our last post (on the 6th) and the present.

Hopefully the interest level here will make up for the fact that most of them come really rather late…

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Video Mondaily – Lonely Seb takes on Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor

Ladies and Gentlemen, lend me your ears! And I would appreciate it if those of you whose ears have already been lent would also lend me your eyes because in my experience it’s rather difficult to read something by listening to it. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have tried to press my ear to my laptop before in order to listen to whatever article I was trying to read but that only works once in every ten times, and even then I don’t hear everything.

It is that time of the week where we once again delve into the world of games with an awesome video in which we show off both our own awesome and the awesome of someone’s game. The game in question this week is Lone Survivor, a recent Indie Survival Horror game, by Jasper Byrne. I personally delve into great depth and detail in the game to show it off to it’s fullest extent (pfffffft)!

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Project Zomboid: Upcoming Update

Here’s something we haven’t heard of in a while! Project Zomboid! Still in Alpha stages and still not really close to completion but still slowly shaping up to be an absolute monster of a game full of difficulty, challenges and zombies all after your delicious, delicious brains. The sheer scope of the developer’s intentions for the game is rather mind boggling and still (despite checking out it regularly) still makes me raise my eyebrows at the momentous task still ahead of them.

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Project Zomboid: Patching Up


So, as I mentioned when I previewed Project Zomboid (here) MMGaming has been trying to keep abreast of new developments with Project Zomboid. And with keeping that promise we are pleased to announce that there has been a new update for the game. It seems to mostly bug fixes at the moment, but that still means that Project Zomboid is drawing ever closer to evolving from Cool to fully fledged Awesome!

Rather than tell you the various bug fixes and everything in the new patch I will simply direct you to the Project Zomboid page: which details the changes that will be made.


Project Zomboid First Impressions

Project Zomboid is a really new top down Zombie Survival Game. In the process of being created by Indiestone Studios it hasn’t even reached the Alpha stage of development yet, and is in a “Pre-Alpha” Stage. Frankly it’s almost like they made up a random title of what stage of development it was in so that they could still show it off. And show it off they can!

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