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From Dust: Just a god game or the god of games?

From the moment you begin, From Dust strikes as an increadably well devised and expertly polished game. Acting the part of a god you pick up powers throughout the game which amplify and enhance your ability to change the landscape. These vary from being able to ‘jellify water’ so as to re-enact the biblical parting of the red sea; to being able to create ‘infinite earth’ or summon a black hole to ‘engulf all’ allowing you to completely adapt the world to suit your people.

But don’t let these powers lull you into a false sense of security… There are disasters aplenty to keep things interesting. There are volcanic eruptions and lava flows, there are tidal waves and flash floods, there are earth collapses, there are trees that set fire to everything, trees that flood everything, TREES THAT BLOW UP EVERYTHING! Read more…