Mass Effect 3 – Issues and Success

The recent release of Mass Effect 3 has been met with a some success and some issues for the team at Bioware.

There have been complaints about the From Ashes DLC which was released on the same day as the full game itself, there has been issues with transferring save files but despite this Bioware still have done better out of Mass Effect 3 than both the previous Mass Effects! Read on for more detail!

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Finishing this Fight… Against SOPA and PIPA

I’ve made more than one mention in the past month or so about the bills going through US Congress Protect IP (or PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). I spoke about how they are a blow against the personal freedom of everyone who uses the internet and would have crushed people’s right to free speech on this great and glorious internet.

However, possibly largely due to the media blackout on the 18th of this month, WE have WON! That’s right folks, both SOPA and PIPA have been put on hold and it’s all thanks to… well I’m gonna go ahead and say everyone! Due to people continuously contacting their representatives in the US, people protesting, signing petitions and of course the blackout of many prominent websites Congress took notice of the fuss people were making and acted accordingly.

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Scrolls Wins!

Well as I have been making posts about the whole court case between Bethesda and Mojang it seems only reasonable that I stick with it! Well, like it says in the title Mojang and Notch have won the court case and Scrolls will be allowed to keep it’s name. Bethesda can still appeal against the result apparently and probably do various other legal trickery that I won’t be able to understand… but, for now, Scrolls keeps it’s name.

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