Project Zomboid Update soon.


Project Zomboid devs have released a list of things to expect in the up-and-coming patch and also said sorry for it taking so long. They didn’t give a date on when the patch is being rolled out but they said they are finishing things up with it.

Here is what to expect:

1) Craftable doors. Smashed doors have a chance of dropping hinges and door knobs.
2) Open doors now block vision/collide at their new angle.
3) Professions and traits – initial character customization.
4) Cooking food. Fully functional ovens.
5) Food now goes bad. Refrigerators slow down the process. Eat consumables first!
6) Chance of illness if eating spoilt or uncooked food.
7) Bored and depressed moodles. Read books or magazines or go for a stroll outside to relieve boredom (more later). Eating cooked meals also reduces boredom / depression.
8 ) Curtains. Block view into building without needing barricades. Sheets can be used to make makeshift curtains.
9) Various bug/crash fixes. Notably no more fire crashes.
10) Burglar alarm on a couple of random buildings on the map.
11) Barricading and crafting etc now takes time to complete. Alterable by different traits.
12) A few more foods and cooking apparatus / crafting recipes.
13) Customizable characters. Most of the legwork for the NPC update already done due to this.
14) Sandbox mode / Adventures of Kate and Baldspot
15) Moddable items, moddable crafting recipes, moddable item distribution, moddable maps, moddable costumes / characters.
16) Rain gets you wet. Colds. Get a cold, coughing and sneezing draws zombie attention. Tissues will mute the sound you make.
17) Wearable clothing.
18) Jukebox – at moment with some old PAWS tunes. Convert your music to OGG to play tunes in-game. Will add walkman to later update.

The whole post can be found here.


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